30 Days of Self Care

The Method:

Starting the night before September 1st, 2022, we're going to focus on 30 days of Self Care. Write down at least 5 goals you want to do daily throughout the month. Then write down 30 ways you can practice self-care. Big or small. Make sure you incorporate a good amount of small things to make it easy to follow through. Write numbers 1-30 on pieces of paper and put them in a jar of your choice. The night before, pick a number out of the jar, so you can prepare when you want to incorporate the self-care into the following day. I'm going to include picking a number into my nightly routine. A fun thing to look forward to at the end of the day! Indulge in your self-care! You deserve it! And hopefully, when the challenge is done, you will feel motivated to incorporate self-care more frequently into your lifestyle. These little moments make a significant impact.

The Background:

I found this 30 Days of Self Care from influencer Nicole Doyon. I followed her on Instagram, loved the captions of her confident photos, and told myself this is the confidence I want to have. I love everything she portrays in such a simple way. I am heading into my thirties this Saturday, and I thought, what a great way to start the decade! So this reminds me that I am spending my birthday on a full day solo date and self-care day. I'll write and vlog all about it next week!

So the 30 days of self-care. I wrote 7 things I want to do consistently for the 30 days. Which is:

  1. No alcohol

  2. 6:30am wakeup on weekdays

  3. Daily meditation (No time requirement)

  4. Daily 30-minute movement

  5. Prioritize whole foods

  6. Work on ILWML

  7. Look for joy daily <3

Waking up early, meditating, and working on ILWML has been something that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. So it has been nice to get a head start on that.

Dry September: I decided to do no alcohol because I want to control my emotions better. I don't drink as much as I used to, but recently, I have blacked out a few times and let my feelings be guided by alcohol. I want to get deeper with myself and ensure I am intentional about my actions. When I start drinking alcohol again, I hope to do so with a clearer understanding of myself and my mind.

Daily movement: I want to incorporate it because I am a lot less stressed in my body when I have at least taken 5 minutes to stretch. I also want to feel more confident and be in the best shape possible. And last, I want to be strong. Who doesn't like feeling capable of picking up heavy objects without hurting their back? So I left it as daily movement, so I could do whatever worked for me that day and not feel the pressure to lift weights if that's not what my body is asking me.

Prioritize whole foods: I am much less sluggish, and my gut is happier when I prioritize whole foods. Of course, I still love to munch Doritos once in a while or get ice cream with a friend, but it doesn't have to be all the time. I sometimes get into these addictions with junk food where I really don't even want it, but I eat it because it's there. I also just loveeeee cooking. Cooking builds creativity and a connection to your food. It makes me feel nourished even before I take the first bite. By focusing on whole foods, I can regain my love of cooking again.

Look for joy daily: Life is short!

Below is my 30 days list!

  1. Make a new recipe

  2. Go for an evening walk

  3. No social media for the day

  4. Call a friend you haven't spoken to in a while

  5. Sit at a cafe and read a book and order a sweet treat

  6. Grab a friend to go for a hot girl walk

  7. Try a new restaurant

  8. Solo date! Dress up!

  9. Listen to a new podcast

  10. Watch the sunset

  11. Take yourself on a lunch date

  12. Take a yoga class

  13. Watch your favorite movie

  14. Try a new face mask

  15. Watch an inspirational Tik Tok

  16. Do an act of kindness

  17. Craft something

  18. Buy yourself something that makes you feel good

  19. Stretch for 20 minutes

  20. Light a candle and make a goal list

  21. Try something new you've been wanting to do

  22. Try a new guided meditation

  23. Big salad for dinner

  24. 30 minutes of reading

  25. Dance break!

  26. Find a comedy show for tonight

  27. Paint!

  28. Journal for 20 minutes

  29. Pedicure

  30. Get your favorite dessert

If you want to participate in the 30-day self-care journey with me, tag me on Instagram and let me know!

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Sending so much love,


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