The Journey

to reinventing myself

For years, I lived in a depressive state after many moments that tore me down. I lacked a community and a purpose in my life. I knew I wanted to get out of my circumstance. I joined many workout programs, diet programs, and communities. Each time afraid of the outcome. Afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. I didn't feel safe. 

I created an Instagram to keep myself accountable with workouts and found that I wanted to create my own community. I wanted to inspire others to keep going even when things weren't exactly how they wanted them yet. 

Many things have helped and still help with my journey, but one of them is my community. I am slowly allowing them in to assist and finding where I can assist them as well. I am finding that this blog and Instagram are what are helping me through my journey. It gave me a place to put my passion. I am passionate about helping other womxn heal. Giving them a safe space to work through their trauma and give them the tools to have the confidence to reinvent themselves.

I want to extend the space that I am creating for myself to others. Together we heal. As a community we work together to uplift, empower, and inspire each other. We are not broken womxn. We are womxn that need a reminder of our power. 

Thank yourself for taking that first step and I thank you for being here.